Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Alan Koo: How to Make a Chinese Herbal Tea

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Alan Koo shows you in five easy steps how to make a herbal tea that can help balance energy levels and fight illness as winter approaches. Using readily available ingredients, Mr Koo demonstrates how to make the refreshing and healthy drink in this HKTDC video prepared at the International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products (ICMCM) in Hong Kong in August 2012.
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Ingredients for Autumn Herbal Tea (青紅太極茶) by Alan Koo:
Chrysanthemum (貢菊)– dried flowers available from specialty tea shops Green Tea (綠茶葉)– leaves if possible rather than powder
Goji Berry (枸杞子)– Also known as wolfberries, available from health food stores & larger supermarkets Rock Sugar (冰糖)(or honey)
Dried Longan (桂圓)– available from health food stores or supermarkets
American Ginseng (西洋參)– available from health food stores or supermarkets

Step One: Prepare a half pot of green tea by placing hot water and tea leaves in pot
Step Two: Make chrysanthemum tea by boiling dried flowers in an electric kettle for about three minutes
Step Three: Place dried American ginseng into a cup and decant both types of tea into cup in equal measures
Step Four: Add golgi berries and longan to tea
Step Five (optional): Add rock sugar or honey to sweeten the drink



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